Friday, July 29, 2016

1047; Joyahs


Erna and I, we have a thing for asking each other what we're going to do. Being the penyibuks, we even call ourselves 'The Joyahs'.

Once I went out of the loo and she asked me what did I do. I answered her but then she was disgusted hahahaha.

"You shouldn't have explained it to me that detailed!"

"Dah kau tanya, aku jawablah!"



Thursday, July 28, 2016

1046; Hitam


Bila hati telah hitam.


Sunday, July 17, 2016

1045; Write.


I write when I'm strong. And also when I am not.

I only show you the best part of me in this medium and not the other.

When I post lots of things for straight row in few days, it may be that I was so happy for that straight week. But when I dont write anything for long time, it might be that I was busy, lazy or just... sad.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016



Takde ke benda yang boleh buat orang semangat pergi kelas setiap hari. Sikit pun jadilah.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

1043; From Ibu to Kakak


My dearest dotter,  
This year is your last teen year. Time flies so fast macam baru semalam we welcomed you to our arms. 
You were conceived 5 months after me and Ayah got married. We wanted to have kids later actually- thought of extending our honeymoon and not prepared to have kids yet. 
But fate had its own special way. 
Carrying you for 9 months in my womb was not easy at first. The first trimester was very challenging. 
The morning sickness was bad. I could not eat. I would stare at the food until the ants eventually came and shared my food. Then I would cry because I wanted to eat but I couldn't. 
Later, the pregnancy was a breeze. Even though my weight balloned and I became a walking giant, I was a happy mom-to-be. 
When the D-day came, you were already a week overdue. Ayah took me to a private rumah bersalin (special sikit) but you refused to come out. I was induced twice (it was so painful I developed high fever after that) but you still did not come out. 
Then my water bag broke. The doctor said she couldn't hold me there so she decided to ask Ayah to take me to Hospital Kota Bharu. 
I was whisked into the ambulance and within minutes I was already in front of the labour room. 
Here, I got scolded by the doctors and nurses. Nak beranak pun masih pakai T-shirt lagi (mana nak tau nak beranak tak boleh pakai T-shirt kan)... Tu lah, pergi lagi tempat swasta. Last2 kat hospital juga... macam2. Rasa macam nak sepak je semua. Hello, I nak beranak okay... Lepas tu sign forms and everything, I was pushed into the OT. 
On the OT table, I could hear everything the doctors and nurses were discussing. To cut the long story short... tadaaaa!! You were born! 
I developed high fever again immediately after the operation. It was 40 degree Celcius. 
I guess I lost my mind for a while. I could not remember what happened, where I was, and I asked nenek when did I change my baju. 
Nenek nangis je and suruh ibu mengucap. So ibu cakap dengan nenek if anything happened, please take care of you (cakap Kelantan lah bukan cakap omputeh). 
We have decided on your name for quite sometime. Noorfaqihah is a beautiful name and Qihah would be the name we wanted call you. 
Now, you are already 19 years old. Soon, the teenage years will leave you.  
You must know that life is not always a bed of roses. Along the way, there are trials, tribulations and sacrifices to be made. 
Along the way, you will find love. But always remember, love is something sacred that it should not be given to any ordinary man. Someday, you will find the right one insyaAllah.  
But above all of these, don't forget Allah, read the Quran and make Quran your companion. Always remember to turn to Him when you have problems  and also when you don't have any.  
Ibu and Ayah will not be with you forever. But rest assured that whatever choices you make, whichever path you take and whatever your decision is- we will always support you. 
Thank you for being a kind, wonderful and the best daughter anyone could ever asked for.  
Thank you for being someone who always sees and feels that Allah is watching. 
Last but not least, ibu & ayah doakan kejayaan & kesejahteraan hidup kakak sepanjang hayat. 
Jadilah anak yang solehah dan sentiasa doakan ibu & ayah. Semoga Allah akan temukan kita semua di Jannah insyaAllah. 

Freaked out few days ago because I thought I lost this book- the birthday present Ibu gave me last year. I reckon posting it here would be safe (just in case the book went missing again *cries*)


Friday, June 3, 2016

1042; 5 Secrets to 4 Flat


These are the tips that I get from those who get 4 flats for every semester.  I mingle with them a lot, so you can trust me if you want to..

Note that we are taking the actuarial science course and it is considered quite a tough one. Pretty sure that you'll say the same about your course.. nonetheless I hope this will help.

1. Pray.

If before this you only pray for yourself in your doa, next time try including everyone else in it. Instead of 'Ya Allah, berikanlah aku 4 flat dan dekan dalam semester ini' , try 'Ya Allah, berikanlah aku dan rakan- rakan seperjuanganku 4 flat dan dekan dalam semester ini'.

Not only for your friends, do pray for your family too! If any of your siblings are taking PMR or SPM (or even the final exam) this year, do make doa for them. It'll mean a lot.

We are hoping for something from our Creator thus the doa must also comes with 'respect'. Do start and end your doa with the selawat, pray with all your heart and the most important, istiqamah. Pray for them (and of course, yourself) as often. After every solat, if possible.

Previously when I say 'include everyone else in your doa', I really mean EVERYONE. If you see someone trying to cross the street on a busy road, make doa for them. If you see motorcycle riders trying to make their way home in heavy rain, make doa for them. The doa goes as easy as 'Ya Allah permudahkanlah urusan beliau'. As easy as that, it wont do any harm! You make doa for random people whom won't even know you, and that's when the magic works.

It's karma as I always tell you. You do good to people, the world will then give the good to you. You pray for other people's success, the malaikat will also pray the same for you.

2. Teach.

I guess this point isn't for me because I don't inherit the 'teacher-genes' from ibu- but it is, for a friend of mine.

She never resist teaching and giving all of her knowledge to anyone who seeks help from her.

Once, she was already in her bed, getting ready to sleep when suddenly a bunch of people went into her room to study with her. She whatsapped a picture of the 'visitors' to me, saying that she was tired and still couldn't have her night sleep. I told her to yawn as loud and as often as possible to make them know that she was really worn out and sleepy. Hahaha. Of course she didn't do it but instead took the 'visitors' with all her heart and taught them well.

I learnt that this is one of her secrets to a 4-flats-for-every-semester. When you teach someone else, you'll understand the topic more. So the more you teach, the more you'll get.

3. Give.

University books make the biggest hole in the pocket. They are quite expensive that some might couldn't afford buying them. Plus the fact that you're gonna use only 5 pages from the 100 paged book that you bought, it sucks.

A person that I know, she sold only one or two of her books in a semester, and the rest of the semesters, she gave all of it to the juniors for free with hope of nothing in return but that it will ease their studies- and she got 4 flats for every semesters.

It's kinda brilliant, you know. Everytime someone gains knowledge from the book, the giver will gain pahala from it. If the book is continuously given for free, from one hand to another hand, just imagine how much pahala you can gain from one book.

If giving books for free feels too much, why not volunteer printing notes for your classmates and pay for them (or at least make them pay only half of the price). Any will do, they work the same way. Ease other person's difficulties, and Allah will ease it for you.

4. Parents.

I am around people who always do good to their parents. I've met most of their mothers and I've seen how good they have been treating their parents. They are the ones who always remind me to call my parents and treat them well.

A friend of mine, she would never betray her mother. If her mother doesn't agree with anything she does, then she won't do it. There were few times where I asked her to go out with me out of Seremban. I know that her mother won't let her go far so I incited her to tell her mother that she will go out with her friends, but not telling her whereabouts. It's not lying tho but still.. She then be firm with her decision to not betray her mother's advice and I have no choice but to respect her and her mother.

Another close friend of mine, she said that her biggest secret to 4 flats is to call her mom everytime she will be having quizzes, tests or exams. I've watched her doing that for few semesters already and I confirm you it works, in shaa Allah.

To conclude this point, Allah's redha comes after your parents'. And the doa of a mother works like magic.

5. Study.

Last but not least, the highlight point is of course, to study. Good things don't come easy. You don't really think you'll get 4 flat if you don't study, dont you..

Note: These are only some tips that I gained/ observed. If it doesn't work with you, do believe that Allah's plans are way bigger than your dreams *wink*


Monday, May 30, 2016

1041; Semut


Tadi bukak twidder guna safari. Saja stalk orang. Tiba tiba semut datang jalan atas handphone. Tiup tiup pun tak gerak. Pastu tepis guna jari. Sikit lagi nak tertekan like. Sikit lagi. Nice betullah semut ni.

Itulah kisah saya hari ini.



Thursday, May 26, 2016

1040; Manusia Kecil


/dalam kereta/

Me: *screams in high pitch* EEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Ibu: Hey awak dah kenapa??!
Me: Tengok tu manusia kecik!!!!! *sambil tunjuk kat sekumpulan budak sekolah rendah*

Manusia sekeliling aku semua besar besar. Aku hampir lupa manusia boleh sekecil itu gais. Keciknya dunia aku gais.

Rasa nak ketuk ketuk penyek penyek budak budak tu hahahaha omg tolonggggg.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016



Lesson of the day, jangan makan cili macam makan jajan.


updated: it's only cili jeruk fyi. not crazy enough to eat cili semata mata sebanyak itu haha.


Monday, May 23, 2016

1038; Sambal Belacan


My first sambal belacan attempt was... belacan-y (?) because the spicyness was not so umphh although I put like 16 chillies in it *rolls eye*.

Home is where you get to eat all sort of illegal food when eating with friends. Or you could say, those food with not-so-pleasant smell. Yes you read that right. Budu, tempoyak, sambal belacan, cencalok, petai, rebung.... ahh did I just mentioned heaven? 

p/s: Always brush your teeth after eating those things. Especially before going to sleep :"---)