Wednesday, May 16, 2018

1151; Thank You for the How Are You


‘Are you doing good?’

‘Yes I am! How bout you?’

/holds back tears/



Wednesday, March 21, 2018

1150; Rain & Canterbury


Hujan, dan hikmah- hikmah yang turun bersamanya.

I was not really a fan of the rain- there's always sigh in it whenever it occurs. Having to go to class soaking wet, shoes full of mud and even the fact that I'm attending class when the weather's all about being in the duvet.

It was not until I realised that I can never escape from the rain.

One day I was at the bus stop and the rain was pouring heavily. Everyone was with their umbrellas and there's me relying only on my coat hoodie (but my face was all wet so I don't even know what I was trying to protect with it). The bus looks like it'll took forever to arrive and the rain isn't showing signs it'll stop anywhen soon. I was anxious, felt like my neck's gonna elongate to bout an inch trying to see whether the bus is coming. My mind was lingering to whether I should just wait and get soaking wet or ask that woman over there if she could share her umbrella with me. No no, the woman was too big. I mean, the umbrella was too small.

Suddenly it just came to my mind I can't do anything about it. No matter how anxious I be about having my bag and notes wet from the rain, I just can't do anything about it. I can neither stop the rain nor make the bus comes faster. Being anxious won't solve anything. So then I decided to just enjoy the rain. Closed my eyes and hummed to an unknown song, feeling every drops of rains on my face. And then the bus came. Okay, that wait wasn't that bad at all. I mean it was a long wait but it wasn't that bad.

I learnt that there are things in life that are out of our controls. Some things were just meant to happen, no matter how hard we put effort and pray for it to not to happen. Well some things may be out of control but we can learn to enjoy it. Life's too short to worry about things- even today is one less day to live.

Towards a happier and worryless life, Faqihah.


Sunday, March 18, 2018

1149; How Are You


Sometimes the person who asks the most 'how are you's needs the most 'how are you's.


Saturday, March 17, 2018

1147; Terpujuk


I kept telling them I was okay but they just knew I was not. 

'Shu, awak tolong bacakan apa Shazrina tulis atas kertas tu'


'Thank you.'

Ar- Rum, Surah 30:48-50;
48. Allahlah yang mengirimkan angin, lalu angin itu menggerakkan awan dan Allah membentangkannya di langit menurut yang Dia kehendaki, dan menjadikannya bergumpal- gumpal, lalu engkau lihat hujan keluar dari celah- celahnya, maka apabila Dia menurunkannya kepada hamba- hambaNya yang dia kehendaki tiba- tiba mereka bergembira.
49. Padahal walaupun sebelum hujan diturunkan kepada mereka, mereka benar- benar telah berputus asa.  
50. Maka perhatikanlah bekas- bekas rahmat Allah, bagaimana Allah menghidupkan bumi setelah mati (kering). Sungguh, itu bererti Dia pasti (berkuasa) menghidupkan yang telah mati. Dan Dia Mahakuasa atas segala sesuatu. 


Friday, March 16, 2018

1146; Trust Issues


It's scary to think how people finds someone to love, regards him/her as their 'everything' while all this while, it's their parents who have done everything for them.

Idk man I'm already having trust issues with my not-yet-existing child.