Tuesday, March 7, 2017



Yesterday was the day the dining table looked full (coz I don't usually cook that many lauk. Read: malas) so I decided to take a flatlay of it. Well just so you know, I didn't cook all of em coz as I said earlier, I just took photo of it. Two dishes on the right was the ones Cik Lah cooked for lunch so you can see the bowls' a bit messy. For dinner, I cooked two of the dishes on the left which was ayam goreng supposed-to-be-berempah and kacang botol goreng. I also did sup kaki ayam but it was in the kitchen but I was so lazy to take it out just for a plain boring flatlay. Talking about kaki ayam, we had a lot of kaki ayam this week because Cik Lah's friend gave us a tupperware of em. When I said a lot, I meant, A LOT. Kaki ayam has been in our dinner menu for 3 days already. Fret not coz I love kaki ayam. Did you know that kaki ayam has collagen in it that'll make your skin look young? I hated kaki ayam before I heard about the fact. Okay I just made up the fact but I'm pretty sure I've heard that somewhere so I hope it's true. Where was I again? Oh yes, the flatlay. What was the post about again? Oh sheez not another random post..

Kaki ayam= Chicken feet


Saturday, March 4, 2017

1072; Hulu Langat & CIMB Talent Trail 2017


I have been struggling to post my journal in this blog these days. Fyi, I have like 5 post drafts in my phone that are left hanging coz I just couldn't figure out how to end them. My writing skills worn off day by day, I could say.

Okay back to the topic! Ziz pozt iz an appgheciation to Hadina muh zweetezt fghen. Okay sorry I'm so into French accent these days I don't know why but what I am trying to say is, this post is an appreciation to Hadina my sweetest friend!

Last week I went to Hadina's house in Hulu Langat (because I have a competition there) and here my fellows, I declare, that I fell in love- with her place! Gahhhh so many trees I literally cried. THIS IS SO MY DREAM HOUSE. The one thing that made me excited to get out of the bed everyday is her house compound. I made Hadina woke up early every morning just to name me all the trees- which she herself also don't know hmm so we end up asking her dad (when he was rushing to go to work, which was really a bad timing haha). 

One thing that I hope to never forget is when the four of us (my CIMB Talent Trail teammates & I) did our fitnesses in the rain. On day 1, we had to jog for a good 15 minutes in the drizzle before it rained heavily.  The next day, we went for a 2km jog on the road, also in the rain and it was so much fun- but then I had mild headaches hahaha. In some way, Hulu Langat feels like Sabah because of the breeze, fresh air and the way the clouds form at the peak of the mountains. Suddenly I missed Erna.

On the second day there, I FREAKIN RODE A BICYCLE GUYS. Ok I seem so exaggerating but let me be. The last time I rode one was during primary school! I was so so so content that I couldn't control my smile for a good 5-minutes. Gahh, why does this place makes me so happy. I'm happy that I still have that bicycle-riding skills but yeah, a bit wobbly. Hadina brought me cycling on the road and what was I thinking. I risked my whole life to my wobbly riding skills. I was so scared whenever there were cars coming ahead, even motorcycles, that I had to stop and let em pass before I could continue. I forgot the use of the bicycle brakes so everytime I want to stop, I had to use my legs. There's one time I couldn't stop properly, a motorcyclist had a good laugh on me before he passed. Yaa yaa, I would've laughed at myself too so I forgive you pakcik. 

To conclude (I had to put a conclusion to this just so it won't be another hanging post), from running in the rain to late night jengas, I had so much fun. The competition went well too but just hard luck. Maybe next time, in shaa Allah! Thank you Hadina for being such a good host. I need to come back there when it's the fruit season so don't forget to invite me haha (tak malu). 

Hadina's house compound, and the bicycle trail we made on the court.
p/s: I didn't expect this post to be this long, honestly. Just poured what's on my mind in one go. Maybe it isn't my writing skills, it's the procrastination I did. /slow claps/


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

1071; Struggles


Everyone has their own struggles.


Sunday, February 26, 2017

1070; COYG

Once a gooner always a gooner


Monday, February 13, 2017

1069; Procrastination


Do you procrastinate?- coz I always do. I have lots of work to do but most of them are undone just because I am lazy to do it. When I wanna do something, I have to finish it in one go or else it will be left hanging till forever. Oh wait, I have to blow my nose. Don't go anywhere coz I have more things to say to you. I'll be right back really soon.