Friday, January 20, 2017

1067; The Makeup Struggle


My cousin got married the other day (alhamdulillah). It's an important wedding and most of my family will be there too so I really wanted to look good, i.e wear makeups. It wasn't my 'cuti' day so I doubt that the makeups will last long coz I have to perform my solat.

After lots of thoughts and considerations, I tell myself, let's have a try. I mean, it couldn't be impossible. Hijabistas out there look like they wear makeups all day long. I surely can do this.

So I tried. I put on some powder, blusher and lipstick (the kind of makeups hijabistas wear to pasar) before I went out of the house. Good enough for me. After few hours on the road, I had my Asar at an RnR and only reapplied powder and lipstick, leaving behind the blusher.

As soon as I arrived at Selangor, it was probably already 3 hours since I reapplied my makeup. I only wear cheap lipstick (one that you buy at Watsons, not Sephora) so the colour had already faded by the time I reached cousin's house. Exhausted from the long ride, I decided to go to the majlis with pale lips, hence the pale face.

Mission failed.

I just had to reapply THREE products everytime but failed and how even people do it with foundations, eyeliners, eyeshadows etc (other things that I don't know)?!. Just how do people keep up with maintaining their makeups. Do they really take off their makeups before solat and then patiently reapply them again? Do they do it quick? Do they not care people waiting for them? Gahh I really don't know. Tell me!

I usually go to class with at least some powder and lipstick on my face. Without those, my face is obviously tanned and scarred, so I really need em. Recently my college friends, two of em guys, stayed at my house for four days (coz we have a competition in JB). Danger alert. How am I supposed to wear powder and lipstick for like 24/7 to cover up my flaws? Sounds partly ridiculous to my ears. So I decided, let it be. If before this I told you that I only go bare face when no friends are around, now my self confidence has reached another level. To a level that I could wear crumpled, unironed tudung when going out with them without any sense of guilt hahahahahahahahahimscrewed.

This is a part of a journey to becoming less- selekeh so I just had to write this down. I know beauty don't last but I believe every woman want to called pretty. Honestly I want to be called so too. I don't get such compliments on Instagram whenever I post my pictures, unlike my friends and my friends' girlfriends (frankly it increases my insecurities), so I could just assume myself in the so- so category. But I'm loving the so- so category. People don't look at you twice, which means you're not so beautiful neither is too ugly and that's a good thing for me because I hate limelights. Plus, I get the chance to learn that I am special in a way; kuyu eyes, penyek nose, oversized cheekbones, but still cute kah kah!

I should really stop scrolling 'explore' on Instagram. Peer pressure game too strong.


Sunday, January 8, 2017

1066; 2017 Blog Look


As you can see now, I have recently changed the look of my blog.  I used to like changing my blog template from time to time when I was in primary but ever since secondary till now, I guess I was pretty much busy adapting with my adult (ceyy) life.

Since I couldn't use the Blogger app using my mobile, it has been pretty hard for me to upload photos in the blog (kinda obvious). So if I wanted to do so, I will have to carry my heavy laptop outta bag, plug in the charger, transfer photos from my phone to the laptop bla bla bla... to conclude, it's annoying. So I decided to adjust my new template, make the width wider, bigger fonts, cleaner look and the most important part is that now...

I can post bigger pictures...


Gahhhh so satisfying! I 've been wanting to do that for so long hahaha. I loved the new look and hoped you liked it too. Much love, Faqihah.


Saturday, January 7, 2017

1065; #ripfitness


I asked abang to be my fitness coach because I wasn't feeling fit enough, so yesterday, we went for a jog at a park. He wanted to make me run 5 rounds straight and, MEMANG TAK LA. One, because I was already almost out of energy after the first round and two, my socks and shoes made my ankle melecet it hurts so bad (Ayah, I need a new pair of running shoes thank you) so after 4 rounds of jogging, walking and few stops to adjusting my loose socks, I gave up. 

That was not the end. 

I was not satisfied of yesterday's so this morning I did a 25-minute cycling, few squats and jumping jacks only to leave my whole body SORE. I have been walking around the house with my legs UNBENDED. Have you ever seen a 9-month-pregnant woman walk? That was literally me right now. I wiki-ed treatment for DOMS only to find out that the muscle strain will naturally soothe itself after like 24 to 72 hours. 

It was a bad decision after all. I should not have skipped my fitness routine (not really a routine) for a month, not controlling my diet and just eating whatever I feel like eating. 

I am so not a sports person. Why do I even sign up for such things. 

07012017 (Eyy nice date!)

Thursday, December 22, 2016

1064; Menurut Perintah


Me: Adik, pergi naik atas mandi sekarang.

Adik: Akak, adik dah 16 tahun lah. Jangan suruh- suruh adik lagi boleh tak?

Me: Okay okay. Pergi mandi sekarang.

Adik: /menurut perintah/


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

1063; Post Diploma


It's been so long since I write. Quite've been too overwhelmed in the so called long holiday I have after diploma. I was waiting for this 'boost' to kick in and start writing again so wallaaa.. here I am!

1. These days I don't feel bored staying in the house for days coz I got my baby brothers to kacau2 and manja2 and all. I always know they were annoyed of me but hey, that's what sisters do! The fact that we can meet up only few times in a year, it made our bonds grow stronger. But nowadays they tend to ignore me when I ask them to do things. It's kind of an everyday battle but this big sister aint gonna lose that battle kah kah! My secret weapon... a secret of course.

2. I have to cook almost everyday for my family. I improved guyssss, finalleyhhh. I dont need recipe books anymore and here comes the 'campak campak' skill! Plus, no more 2 hours for a dish hahaha. I can catch up with most types of dishes but ones that requires me to use cili kering... I'm out.

There's a day when I attempted to make asam pedas salmon for dinner, it didn't turn out well. There was something wrong with the taste. I tried adding salt, but then my asam pedas tasted completely salty. When I tried adding sugar, it immediately tasted sweet. Only sweet. You just cant call it 'asam pedas'. I had already gave up on it when suddenly I remembered that I forgot to add ASAM JAWA in it. Goshhhhhhh it wasnt the saltiness or sweetness that's lacking. I just forgot to put the 'ASAM' IN MY 'ASAM PEDAS'. See Faqihah, who says you dont need that recipe book? /cries/

3. I entered the dUCk competition on Instagram! Not a dUCk fan (can't even afford em) but the prizes.. I just had to. As I posted my edits into my Instagram, I wasn't only submitting pictures- I was submitting my resume. Well, you never know where luck lands hehe.

I learnt a lot during the process and was even immersed into it even after few days the contest ended. Haha. I didn't win but at a different perspective, I learnt a lot about Photoshop and Picsart from YouTube and people who had been supporting me all along. Thank you you-know-who-you-are!

4. I am slowly getting used to driving for long hours. Ibu and ayah went to umrah last week so I had to bring back home my baby brother (okay not so baby, he's 16). Johor-Melaka drive is so tiringgg. The fact that I took 2 hours (at 120km/h) only to get to sempadan Johor (from Kulai) is already.. duhh. Nevermind. Thank God abang already finished his school so I dont need to drive to Putrajaya to meet up with him.

5. I try not to wear anything on my face everytime I go outside, eg; malls. When my skin is doing very good (or bad), I just have to challenge my self confidence, especially when my friends weren't around to judge me haha. I skip all my facial routine (toner, moisturizer, powder, lipstick etc) and just walk out of the house like a (pale) diva. My number one inspiration, men! How can men look so normal even without makeups on?! Urgh.

Breakouts are nothing these days. I dont really care having a big pimple at the centre of my face area and just let it treat itself naturally.

No lah, I'm just lazy hahaha.

That's all for now to sum up my post diploma. Assalamualaikum!