Monday, April 27, 2015

587; Love vs Hate (Solat Experience)


I just GOT to share this. 

After all hates I've been reading all this while, this is just heart-warming. I salute people who respect religions just the way we respect others. I mean, why all the hates?

I'm amazed to hear students studying overseas, they had to find time between pack schedules & classes to perform their prayers. Some universities' schedule would restrict students from performing their Jumaat prayer or even their five times prayers. Masyaallah, it was even tough hearing. It's like standing  between hell & heaven 5 times a day!

During my vacation in Adelaide, Australia, I personally requested my cousin who studied there to let my family and I experience performing our prayers (solat) outdoor- specifically we managed to solat by the seaside and a garden. It was like a dream come true. Seriously! Of course that's because I do not have to pray outdoor in Malaysia (not to mention there's a lot of prayer rooms & masjids here). Now that I mentioned that, I remember seeing a man (in Malaysia) praying beside a van-stall. Perhaps that was my first time. I thought that was really cool!

I believe every experience, good or bad, comes with hikmah. No doubt it also makes us better human. I am really looking forward to experiencing many more solat experience in the future,  insyaallah!

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