Tuesday, April 28, 2015

588; Malaysian Story (KFC)


Another inspiring story. This time it's Malaysian's! 

I have one too. 

Ibu (my mother) always shop at Mydin although the supermarket is quite far from our house and parking is always almost full. Once I asked ibu why didn't she shop groceries at a supermarket near our house, i mean it's just the same. She said, "Kita kena tolong bumiputra (We must help malaysians)".

Not all Malaysians are racist. The racists are the minority. One person does not determine everyone's attitude. I've watched a video I found on Facebook, telling how random Malaysians would not even want to SAY bad things towards other races. In fact, they defended and protected them.


Beautiful stories are meant to be shared. Inspiring stories are to be spread. If you have one too, don't be shy to express your thoughts. You don't know how it can change someone's life. 

May Allah makes this post beneficial for everyone insyaallah. 

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