Tuesday, October 20, 2015

799; Ayam Kicap Cik Lah


It was a hectic day being alone in the kitchen, and funny as well. The dish was ayam kicap cik lah's style (my favourite version of ayam kicap) but it ended up looking like asam pedas because of the blended chilli inside it.

Before the dinner started, I even said to ibu, "Akak tak nak masak dah lepas ni." Huhu.

Sat down in the dining room, I tried the dish. The taste made me went back to the kitchen & said to ibu, "Ayyy ibuuu, not badddddd!!"

Whew, what a day~

p/s: my kitchen adventures never went as hectic as this sem break's. guess my cooking skills did worn off after a really long time

(unfortunately im so not your type of future wife rn)


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