Tuesday, October 27, 2015

814; Sandwiched Car


We had sandwiched car for yesterday's dinner :'--))) Nobody was harmed in the accident, alhamdulillah.

It does made my family & I sad but crying may not be the best option. 

This reminded me of a story about a zuhud man. The man was in a market with his friend when suddenly someone stole his bag of money. Unexpectedly, the zuhud man then started to cry. This made his friend curious because he has never been affected by the dunya. He  asked, "Dear friend, are you crying because your money had been stolen?". The zuhud man replied, "No, I was concerned about the thief who stole it. How shall he answer to Allah in the day of judgement?"

(So, when was the last time we cried because of akhirah?)

Note: This is the car I often use at home. Guess this holiday Im meant to be at home 24/7.


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