Wednesday, November 11, 2015

867; Numbers 3 Book Review


(Did I say that I wanna share few things regarding the 'Numbers' book? Or did I not...)

So here it goes;

Basically this book about a boy who can see death dates. 

There's just so many parts in the novel that gave me the chill, some made me sank in the sofa because I got really scared; especially when reading alone. One thing I like most about English novels is that there's no or at least less lovey dovey scenes (not like most Malay novels) and every details and description made me feel like being a part of the characters.

I've related few things from this book with my life.

Yknow, there's just some things in life that we better not know (ie in this book; death dates & future). Lately I've been asking for secrets. I've been wanting to know what people think & what is the other side of their life. Okay so now I know their secrets; then what? My life is then full of mindblowing facts & events- thank my curiosity. I then got  really cautious in my every single action. I see one person and starts judging him or her inside out. I freakin freaked myself out but I just can't help it. 

It's a relief that Allah gave every one of us the chance to keep some things to ourselves. I mean, what if people cant do inner thoughts? What if people have to speak out every single thing that came across their mind? *freaks out

(Overall, this book is a MUST READ. I have to rate this one 8/10.)


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