Wednesday, November 18, 2015

881; My Bag of Advices


Ibu has always been my bag of advices. 

I love going out in car with ibu because whenever we're both alone in the car, there's always advices that she would deliver; her at-school experiences, manners, my future plans, love advices.. simply almost all about what life's about. Whenever she talks, I would just sit back and listen- silently bringing her words to my heart, sometimes jotting it down and then sharing it with friends. At times, ibu would ask my opinions but hers is what I wanna hear.  

As cliche as it might heard, my ibu is always the best. No mom nags for no reason. It's always for our own good. One day when I become a mother, I wanna be an 'ibu' like ibu. 


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