Sunday, January 17, 2016

949; Study = Passion ?


I found a person whose passion is studying; my Financial Mathematics (FM) lecturer. The first time she said that, it almost sounds weird to the ears. I was like, wait this does not sound right...

Another close friend of mine, she would rather have her night sleep at 7 a.m just to study (note that there's no quiz or test or exam coming). Who. On. Earth. Does. That- it's her. 

I never thought studying could ever be in the 'passion' list. I mean.. go outside to the world, get yourself a non-bookish-related life! Don't lie, no one wants to study for their whole life, like seriously?!

Long story short. 

This evening, I came across this;

Imam As- Syafie dalam kitabnya Al- Majmu' Fi Syarhil Muhazdab menukilkan kepentingan ilmu:

"Menuntut ilmu lebih utama daripada solat sunat. Tidak ada amalan fardu yang lebih utama daripada menuntut ilmu. Sesiapa yang inginkan (kebahagiaan) dunia hendaklah dengan ilmu. Dan sesiapa yang inginkan (kebahagiaan) akhirat hendaklah dengan ilmu." 

Abu Hurairah melaporkan, Nabi Muhammad s.a.w berkata:

"Sesiapa berjalan di suatu jalan untuk mencari ilmu, maka Allah akan memudahkan baginya jalan ke syurga."

(#Sound Direct, Ustaz Abdullah Khairi)

Such typical mindset I have, yes. What a shame. 

Whoever wants happiness in the dunya, it is by knowledge. Whoever wants happiness in the akhirah, it is by knowledge. Whoever seeks for knowledge, Allah ease him the way to Jannah. Subhanallah. 


"So why are you here in the classroom? Why are you even studying?", my FM lecturer asked one day.

The class went silent for few seconds before scheme answers popped out of our mouths. Good job, big salary, making parents proud bla bla bla... I bet no one in the class knows their real intentions. Of course, including me.

"First, seek knowledge because of Allah. Then get your other dreams.", she said. Such cliche answer but that's the truth. 

"If you study to get good jobs or big money, later when they don't meet your expectations, you'll get nothing. If you study because of Allah, you'll have to worry nothing.", she added.

I complain about studying as much as most of you do (maybe more). Often ranting about the purpose of life, the course I'm taking & demanding having to work with passion.... the list goes on and on. I guess it's all mindset. Studying or seeking for knowledge couldn't be as bad. Our wills are what matters. 


... Sesungguhnya yang takut kepada Allah dalam kalangan hamba- hambaNya adalah para ilmuan... (Surah Fatir ayat 28)

That verse above.. is another whole new topic to ponder alone. 


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