Friday, January 22, 2016

950; Train Goes Choo Choo


The train, might be my next favourite means of going anywhere. 

Few weeks ago was my first time travelling on train alone and the experience was just.. subhanallah. Before this, I thought I loved looking at the trees along the highways but the view along the railways is way so much better. The greens, the rivers, the people along it. 

Some things that made my day were trees that are so big and tall but there's no leaves or branches on it- it's funny coz they kinda resemble bald person, few types of beautifully God-carved trees I've never seen before, an Indian uncle who helped & made unproductive conversations with me, a baby who smiled & waved at me just before I wanted to do so (at one of the stations) and random kids waiting on small hills just to say bye-bye to the train. Heartwarming. 

5-hour journey didn't felt like so because I was too preoccupied with the outside. Only managed to sleep about less than half an hour but at other times, I was so energized by the greens.


Bus, checked.
Flight, checked.
Train, checked.

I've only used public transport three times (college- home) anyway. 

Via three different ways, each one carries its own meaningful experiences. 

p/s: so, do trains really go choo choo?


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