Tuesday, January 5, 2016

946; Randoms (5/1/15)


Just some thoughts and rants.

1. A little appreciation over a very small deed is just so so heartwarming. 

2. I now love sunsets. Sunsets remind me of the people I love here; BPC, Geng Ada Life, MT & Exco SASCOMM & Erna. 

3. Some other people I love here includes Fatin, Safa & Nab. Keeping some other names to myself *blushes*

3. Strangers feel like family now after the 15 hours bonding session. I love it.

4. Emotions can be controlled. By yourself and people around you. There's no wrong in crying even after trying so hard acting strong.

5. Share secrets & pains. Keeping it all to yourself may explode your head. 

6. Delegate tasks. Doing all works by yourself may won't help you go anywhere. Don't hesitate asking around, cause you never know who could be the one capable of helping you to success.

7. People around me have such beautiful hearts. I learnt a lot from them. I mean, A LOT. 

8. Forgive and forget. You might need those 'forgive & forget' from another person one day. 


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