Monday, February 15, 2016

954; RTABC


'Road To A Better Career Camp at Kem Bina Negara Ulu Sepri.'

I was determined to at least write a post about this camp before I even went there. About anything that amuses me. Or had opened my eyes. Be it the environment, the people, the activities or even the littlest things, anything. 

So throughout the days in the camp, I was constantly drafting random stories inside my head. Most came to a no conclusion. The camp almost came to an end and there's me with nil ideas.

Then came the last night where my groupmates & I had to rehearse our last performance; a short sketch. It was due at 9pm and we got time to prepare ourselves since after maghrib. By the time we finished our rehearsal, it was already isya'. Few minutes before 9. 

Screw the rule they made during the camp; -500 points for each group if a member is late. 


Choose. To run for isya' prayers or to sit in the hall & save our group merits. 

And we ran.

Alhamdulillah, we prayed but shamelessly, at full speed. At my last salam in the prayer, most of them had already worn their tudung, getting ready to rush back to the hall. Whew so fast~

Now it's just me, and a friend. She was still performing her prayer. Upon looking at her, I felt some sort of calmness. The way she performed her prayer, it's as if nothing is bothering her. 

As if the performance could always be done without her. 

As if the deducted points & the scolds from her groupmates will cost her nothing. 

As if there's only her, and her Creator. 

I didn't look at the time. I knew I was already late but I couldn't help but be astonished looking at her. I sat behind her, having myself questioning the prayer I did just now & the priorities I've set in my life. 

I remembered a quote, "Chase akhirah & the dunya will chase you." Now that wasn't something I did, after that quick prayer. 

It was so long since the last time I cried remembering the akhirah. Such an ignorant slave. 


So 10 of our groupmates were late that night. The best thing is, we didn't even argue about it because we knew we did the right thing. I'm glad the minus 5000 points was worth it coz at least I earned something big that night- a lesson.

And a story to share. 



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