Monday, April 18, 2016

1004; CIMB Talent Trail 2016 (Challenges)


.Part 2.

This time, it's about the challenges.

The aim of this competition is to build up the skills of professionalism among participants. At checkpoints, we were tested on our English communication & speaking skills, general knowledge skills, enterpreneuship skills and many more. But let's just put all that aside coz I'm here to talk physical. 

On the day of the finale, we ended up running for many kilometres, taking countless lrt rides, climbing endless flights of stairs, another stairs, and stairs, and stairs.. Stairs were like, everywhere for God's sake and each were steep! LRT stations, flyovers, in buildings and there's even a checkpoint where we have to climb like another 10 flights of stairs or so before we could proceed to the quiz.

I remember feeling so so so relieved when seeing an escalator from afar. I was like, "Ya Allah, finally an escalatorrrrrrrr with no one on it!!" but fate just had to make it more dramatic for us that day. The escalator wasn't moving. At all. And I almost climbed up the stairs while crying blood. Tsk tsk tsk. 

As for the running part, I could remember vividly that we had to run continuously so far away from the starting point to even the FIRST checkpoint. CIMB played the physical game very well. They might've killed us out of dehydration but nah, if you want to win this you'll have to go through this. 

Pie & Megat, they ran really fast they made me so stressed out. Hahaha. They left us girls behind and kept shouting "Go faster faster faster" along the way and man I just feel like speeding up chasing them and then punch them in the face. Hahahah. Mental game almost gone wrong. However now, I'm glad they stressed me out like that coz if not, we may wont be in this place right now. Sorry guys, let's just replace the punch with a brofist now?

It could be a physical challenge but I could say, the mental strength is more important. Sure, we do have conflicts and little arguments out of exhaustion and tiredness, but thank goodness we were still on our right mind so even one conflict didn't last long. We say sorry immediately or in some other kind of way, lending a bottle of mineral water or praising him/ her when doing something. 

I, I've always hated running since primary. It's just so not my forte. Often when doing things that are almost impossible for me, I put good mindsets to it. 
I remember having to constantly motivate myself, "Selagi kau tak mati, kau lari je. Lari sampai kau terjatuh sendiri." This competition had surely brought my mindsetting to an assassin level. 

And patience too. Coz this one person keeps taking pictures of me being ugly and stressed thus having the chance to make fun of me anytime.

Thanks for the edit, I really appreciate it. But next time do it with my face less sweaty and tanned?


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