Sunday, April 3, 2016

993; We Live in a Funny World


I was walking back to college with Erna and we were laughing almost all the way. Car that passed by made us laugh, a cat made us laugh, a tweet made us laugh, even hearing our laughters made us laugh! Freaks, lol.

I said, 'Dunia ni kelakar betul lah!' coz man we just can't stop laughing.

But that wasn't for long. 

On our way, we met a junior. We said hi, but was replied with sobs. She told us she couldn't answer her final exam well and kept saying she might repeat the same paper next semester. We convinced her that everything's gonna be okay, nobody's repeating anything and after a few while of motivating, we went different ways.

Then I said, "Peh, aku ingat dunia ni kelakar je. Rupanya ada sedih jugak."


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