Sunday, April 3, 2016

994; Hi, This is Your Nenek in 2016


(This 994th post was supposed to only be a 'p/s' for the previous post but it turned out to be so long I decided to make another one, lol.)

The previous post, (#993) was so random tho. Just felt like sharing any little things that happened. I love writing out all sorts of things (even nonsenses) coz I thought it might be useful some other time. 

You know.. maybe when I'm 60 (if Allah wills), I could just click on this 'UITM' tag and refresh back all the memories here and smile alone while looking at my iphone 20s. Or maybe my grandchildren would read this and go 'ohh so this is what my nenek did when she's 20' or 'wow did nenek made her first move on atuk?! OH TELL ME YOU DID NOT DO THAT NENEK!'. Hahaha pardon my imaginations.

HOWEVER, if you happen to be my grandchildren scrolling through my blog,

'Hi, this is your nenek saying hi in 2016! Im almost 20, pretty, brilliant, popular and all men drool over me. 

No dear, nenek joked.'


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