Monday, April 4, 2016

995; Making The Move


I was studying at the library today when a guy friend approached me all of a sudden. 

He, apparently was attracted to a girl he just met at the library and wanted to approach her. So I spent a little time acting as 'the girl' and had to listen to the lines he wanna tell the girl. If you learn statistics, you call this person a 'dummy'. In this case, Im the dummy. What an angelic dummy. This dummy is supposed to be studying for the next paper but no, she's busy handling someone else's relationship.

Perhaps today wasn't his good day. All of the lines were failures because he was shaking too much while talking hahahahah. The girl must've given him 'that' aura to make him shook like that.  

Then this question blurted out of my mouth, "What if she has a boyfriend?". There was a moment of silence and his face changed, looking so disappointed. I felt uneasy for breaking his heart but regret not, we have final exam few hours ahead and I thought this aint the best time to flirt on anyone. 

It was my first time encountering something like that tho. It's like watching a behind-the-scene of a guy preparing to make a move on a girl. 

This experience somehow made me wonder. 

Is love that hard to be expressed? 

Do people give up on love that easily?


Jodoh tak kemanalah. Kalau takde jodoh tu yang tak kemana mana. 


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