Sunday, May 15, 2016

1031; JDT Won


Def not a fan of football but hey, Johor won last night so it's holiday today here. Honestly it's never a big deal for me whoever wins but they say, everything happens for a reason.

Johor winning is seeing happy faces in 'pasar tani' sellers because of the many customers.

Johor winning is a mother getting to buy food to fill in the refridgerator.

Johor winning is a chance for a daughter to eat lunch cooked by her mother.

Johor winning is a wife getting a day more to spend with her husband.

Johor winning is a father getting to take his sweet nap in the afternoon.

Johor winning is a teacher getting breaks from naughty students, dusty chalks and papers.

Johor winning is a student getting more time to prepare for his English paper.

And most important, Johor winning is a family getting to spend their day together.


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