Thursday, May 19, 2016

1035; You Learn Life from Life


[A note, especially to myself]

There are phases in your life where you feel some sort of emptiness in your soul- the more you try filling up the hole, the deeper the emptiness will be. Nothing seems right. You have so many people beside you but none of them makes you happy. You have more than enough money but no exact amount of money is 'enough'. People around you, you see more successful than you are making you feel worse. Again, nothing seems right. 

Those things that bother you, might be from the little things that you do. Things that you think wouldn't make any harm on you, could be the biggest reason that you are being the present you.

Daily things you do and see harmless on twidder & instagram may have lessen your concentration in your prayers.

Conversations you made through whatsapp with your friends or partners that you think are bringing you closer to them may have brought you apart from your Creator.

The person that makes you giddy and happy whenever meeting them may be the cause of sadness in the future. 

Small sins you think won't affect you in the future, unfortunately is now affecting you.

Remember, you can't expect perfections in life. It's okay to make mistakes but quickly learn from it. Those feelings or emptiness that you've always hated, they are your teacher. Sure, at times, they'll make you sit alone at the corner of your bedroom, crying without any reasons but then they'll make you think deep all the way about life. Your past, your present and your future.

That's how life works. You learn life, from life.


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