Thursday, May 19, 2016

1036; My Everyday Sem Break


(Don't put too much hope in this blog post because it may end up nowhere.)

One. Feels like ranting right now- okay most of the time and that explains why I couldn't live without my blog. And yes, I am writing this using my laptop which is super annoying but nevermind I'll get used to it.

Two. So yeah, deleted twidder, instagram and blogger apps right after Abang's carnival because the Putrajaya-Johor ride is so long it made me think too much about life but whatever, I am better without it now. Not stressing over why-isn't-anyone-posting-anything-Im-so-bored or constantly scrolling my camera roll, deciding which picture to post next time (which gets me more annoyed of myself). Frankly I do check on twidder and instagram sometimes via Safari, stalking people here and there, you know, just checking if everyone's doing okay.....

Three. It's almost a week since I got out of the house. Five days to be exact. I have a car (not my car la) to ride anywhere but going to malls ALONE is boring! Once I went to a shopping mall alone, thinking of having my own sweet time in cafe and just walking leisurely while feeding my eyes with shoes and clothes and tudung- it didn't happen. The thing is, I am that type who walk so fast (especially when walking alone) and couldn't control my pace so I might have walked back out of the mall perhaps less than an hour after I entered. And and and,, it's so boring because I have no one to talk to especially when wanting to comment on that particular bag or needing reviews on what should I wear. Whatever, main point is boring.

Four. Since I got back for sem break, the number of dogs in my neighbourhood increased. My left side jiran only got 3 dogs weh! Two of them are so big, and bark so loud whenever they see anyone passing by. I could literally faint while just opening my gate lock. So guys, think twice or thrice when wanting to visit me at home :") Can't even handle cats and now dogs? Sheesh. There's one night where I had to throw rubbish outside the house. The moment I steppped one of my feet out the house, the dog is already barking. I was so shocked that I cramped my arm that night. That dog also shat in front of my house and after so many years of learning, I finally did an amali on how to clean dog's poop Islamic way. Okay I tried so hard translating that in English.

Five. I couldn't go through a day without wearing tudung plus long sleeves inside the house. The only time I'd cherish is when cousin's at school or not at home. Having to wear them when the day is hot or while cooking feels.. hot (of course). Got used to it now but it still not comfortable. Plus, wearing tudung when hair is still damp results in itchy scalp and itchy scalp is not cool guys. Hard to say this, but cousin's gonna get less love from me because of this haha. The struggle of being a muslim girl is real. So real...

What more eh..

Six. Oh and this time, my sem break is not as productive as my previous one. I don't read books because it's boring and I don't often cook unless it's with ibu (Ibu made cooking less stressful and less longer to be honest hehe). I often procrastinate and sometimes feels like doing nothing is good. It made my day feels shorter tho and that is sad. Hilang keberkatan masa mungkin..

Seven. I need abang and adik to be home. It is super boring here at home. Adik will be home on 28th and Abang, the 1st June?? So longg. I need to be in college like on the 5th! Oh come on, I need more time with them for huggings, pdas, quarellings and bullyings. I know they'll also do nothing at home bbbut.... *puppy eyes*

Eight. Oh no I rant a lot. So gonna be a good mother later- being angry and complaining about my children through blogging haha.

Nine. Go online. I need to see your 'last seen' changing to 'online'.

Okay later everyone! (If there is anyone).


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