Saturday, July 30, 2016

1048; A Laundry Story


Why do I feel so pathetic right now..

All I wanted to do was my laundry. Ive been walking back and forth at the corridor for the 9473726th times few moments just now.

One time Im out of my room huff and puff with my baldi, detergent and coins.

Another time Im out with a ruler to jolok this washing machine which just wont accept my 10cents.

Another few more times I have to find new coins in my room only to find the washing machine rejecting it again.

For God's sake, it's only 20cents left to wash all my clothes then Imma be the happiest lazy girl ever but no, fate just had it's way to make my day. *smiles and cries*

I. Am. Out. Of. Coins. And. Determinations. Help.

I. Also. Lost. My. RM2.30. To. A. Washing. Machine.

Now here I am, trying to calm myself down, writing a post about a washing machine that has just rejected me. Rejection hurts, bebeh.

p/s: Left my baldi & detergent there just in case anyone would want to do me justice. #prayforkiahslaundry #solazydontcare


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