Wednesday, September 7, 2016

1052; Once A Shattered Dream


"Everyone's studying abroad already and there's me with my shitty dream"

I once quoted this in this blog but it didn't last long before I deleted it. It makes me sad everytime (even after more than 2 years) and adding another sad story to my life isnt helping.

I've been putting hell lot of effort for almost 5 semesters (not to mention 5 years in STF) to achieve good academic results everytime just to learn that good results wont promise you anything you want. Hardwork itself isn't enough. It requires doa to complement the effort.

After so long keeping this to myself, I think it's time.

So here I am, in this post, quoting the words again, but this time with another intention. Allah is the best planner but it would help a lot for you to pray for me (and my friends who have the same goal as I do).

Please help this girl put back her once a shattered dream into reality. Please pray that I get to go to my dream uni with good scholarship. Amin.

p/s: Man this post had me so emotional.



Qistina Syasya said...

studying abroad is not all about i am in UK, a country everyone dreamt of studying in. But here I am..yearning to be back in Malaysia and have that student life in my own country, where my tounge recognise the food, where my heart recognise the people.

Allah sure know His ways huh? We are all in the places we are meant to be at this exact time, but wtv it is; to dream high is a must. All the best qihah ! *winks

Noorfaqihah said...

@Qistina Syasya

aiii qisyaaaa you had me tears in my eyes reading ur comment. things like this always make me go emotional haha. thank you for your nvr ending support and advice qisya i love you