Tuesday, October 25, 2016

1058; Yana, Piqah, Syaleen, Erna


It was a calm morning in Mayang Selida room 8-17.

I was up earliest as usual. The night before, we arranged our beds side by side so that we can sleep together for the last few nights, so this morning I woke up to the sight of my roommates by my side. Them sleeping was never a big deal before but that morning, it feels slightly different. Emotionally different.

I started counting. Two days. Two days before fate had to set us four apart. After almost two and a half years, now it's only two days left. Time sure flew so fast.

I'll long for us struggling waking each other up for subuh, Yana's signature sneeze in the morning, Piqah's never ending Ayda Jebat alarm and Erna's stretch before going out of bed.

The memories of early morning chaos before going to class will surely make me smile alone in the future especially us reminding each other to wear pants before going out and the way all of us wanted to wear tudung in front of Piqah's locker coz hers got the best lighting ever haha.

I'll miss opening the door after class to seeing Yana still soundly sleeping, Piqah laughing and crying randomly in front of her laptop and Erna, she motivating me to sleep before the next class (and both of us had to skip the class due to oversleeping, duhh).

And ahh yess, our midnight memoriesss. I'll miss waking up at 3am laughing to Piqah and Yana's jokes, hearing you girls rant of hunger, and our late night gossips about whoever. One thing I regret not doing for the past semesters is resting my head on Piqah's back. How come I never knew she was so soft and cuddly?!! /cries/

I stared at them sleeping, slightly chuckled seeing their sleeping poses. Ahh, I'm so gonna miss you girls.

"Yanaa, Piqahh, Ernaa bangun subuhhhh"

I hope you girls miss that too /wink/


To Syaleen, I missed you too. Things were surely different without you by our side. All five of us will surely make a great family and sisters together.



Qistina Syasya said...

bestnya baca memori qihah...so good !

Noorfaqihah said...

@Qistina Syasya

haha thank you qicaaa