Sunday, January 8, 2017

1066; 2017 Blog Look


As you can see now, I have recently changed the look of my blog.  I used to like changing my blog template from time to time when I was in primary but ever since secondary till now, I guess I was pretty much busy adapting with my adult (ceyy) life.

Since I couldn't use the Blogger app using my mobile, it has been pretty hard for me to upload photos in the blog (kinda obvious). So if I wanted to do so, I will have to carry my heavy laptop outta bag, plug in the charger, transfer photos from my phone to the laptop bla bla bla... to conclude, it's annoying. So I decided to adjust my new template, make the width wider, bigger fonts, cleaner look and the most important part is that now...

I can post bigger pictures...


Gahhhh so satisfying! I 've been wanting to do that for so long hahaha. I loved the new look and hoped you liked it too. Much love, Faqihah.


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