Tuesday, March 7, 2017



Yesterday was the day the dining table looked full (coz I don't usually cook that many lauk. Read: malas) so I decided to take a flatlay of it. Well just so you know, I didn't cook all of em coz as I said earlier, I just took photo of it. Two dishes on the right was the ones Cik Lah cooked for lunch so you can see the bowls' a bit messy. For dinner, I cooked two of the dishes on the left which was ayam goreng supposed-to-be-berempah and kacang botol goreng. I also did sup kaki ayam but it was in the kitchen but I was so lazy to take it out just for a plain boring flatlay. Talking about kaki ayam, we had a lot of kaki ayam this week because Cik Lah's friend gave us a tupperware of em. When I said a lot, I meant, A LOT. Kaki ayam has been in our dinner menu for 3 days already. Fret not coz I love kaki ayam. Did you know that kaki ayam has collagen in it that'll make your skin look young? I hated kaki ayam before I heard about the fact. Okay I just made up the fact but I'm pretty sure I've heard that somewhere so I hope it's true. Where was I again? Oh yes, the flatlay. What was the post about again? Oh sheez not another random post..

Kaki ayam= Chicken feet


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