Friday, April 7, 2017

1077; We Had a Good 5-Minutes-Straight Laugh


One 10-year-old kept peeking over his friend's workbook to get answers for the exercise I gave them so I advised them:
 "Eh senang2 je meniru. Kesian kawan awak dah penat2 buat jalan kerja panjang sampai satu muka surat untuk dapat jawapan, sekali awak tengok je jawapan dia lepas tu bulatkan jawapan awak."
I don't see anything funny but then they laughed at my words for a good 5-minutes. I wasn't sure if they're the ones who are  'mudah terhibur' or the fact that I was born funny. I second the latter.

p/s: Idk why I couldn't watch the video above via mobile but if you want to watch, best do it with pc:)


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