Wednesday, April 12, 2017

1078; Carelessness Had Me Black and Blue


I don't know what has gotten into me but I've been so so careless these days that it left me black and blue (read: bruised). These are the things that happened to me in one week, precisely last week.

1. My pelvis hit the corner of a cupboard-- I think twice already in a week and it hurts for days I tell yah.

2. I accidentally hit my elbow to the wall so so hard, I couldn't move my arms for almost 5 minutes (THANK ALLAH IT'S JUST 5 MINUTES!!) I didn't know what was I thinking at the moment. I mean, it's a BIG wall, you can't possibly not see it?!!

3. I was sitting at the dining table doing some work. I wanted to adjust my legs so I could sit more comfortably but then bam-- my knees hit the table corner. Thought the pain won't last long but yas girl, bruised already and the pain hasn't left even after a week :')

4. Was walking into the kitchen and my RIGHT toes accidentally hit the corner of kitchen cupboard. Just when I wanted to walk outta kitchen, my LEFT toes hit the same spot of the cupboard. I swear I thought I broke my toes' bones because it looked crooked after that.

Should've been more careful next time just to make sure I live longer. #prayforkiah


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fiqazmn said...

I literally lolled at the last one