Saturday, April 29, 2017

1081; Part Time Cikgu, Part Time Zoo Keeper


7y/o student/ Me

S : /cranky/
M: Haa mana dinosaur awak? Meh ajak dia belajar sekali dengan kita.
S : /takes out all his friends/

Which explains the zoo on the study table :')

Trust me this is only a small portion of his toys. Everytime I enter the class, he would always have a new toy in his hands to show to me. Tell me who hasn't joined our class?- we have snakes, godzillas, lizards, turtles, dolphins and many more I tell ya.

Everytime he lose focus, I'd be mimicking loud dinosaur voices or high- pitched dolphin sound saying 'Kenapa awak tak nak belajar ni? Tengok, saya pun nak belajar dengan cikgu'. But then he'd spend another generous amount of time distracting me with describing T-rex and Godzilla. So smart this boy. I am silently shaking my head to myself (don't be deceived, don't be deceived).

Tak kisahlah macam mana gaya pun, asalkan awak nak belajar, cikgu okay je :p


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