Saturday, May 20, 2017

1085; My First Teacher's Day


Never have I ever thought that I would be appreciated as a teacher. Whenever anyone told me that I should try being in the education field I say, nuh-uh; anything but not teaching. Ask all my close friends, I am just bad at teaching. When people ask me questions that requires me to use my brain, most of the time I go 'Try asking Erna' or 'I think Hadina knows. Ask her.' Hahaha. But sometimes I do feel bad about doing that to Erna and Hadina so I do teach them by myself hehe :p

So last Wednesday night, I went to class as usual feeling meh when suddenly a student handed me this-

My first Teacher's Day gift

Trust me I was so happy my mood boosted up from meh to fireworks-in-the-background that I went high pitched 'Eeeeeeeekkk terima kasihhhh'. Hahaha. In the one- hour class it was twice that I silently peeked into the gift while feeling all flowery (read: berbunga- bunga, trolol) inside.

On Friday, I received another gift- awwww yisssss a jar of biscuits. So legit sedap guys, not gonna lie. Not gonna share too. Okay okay, apart from being happy that it was food, I was so so touched coz I felt like I've done nothing to be receiving such appreciation. I mean, I only teach these kids 1 to 2 hours a week and it's only a few months that we've been together... and few months left to be together...

I don't know what future has for me but this might be the first and last time that I would be able to be appreciated as a teacher, on Teacher's Day. Gahhhh so gonna miss these kids laterrrrr. 

It's way late for a Teacher's Day post but since I'm writing a post about it, I would like to thank all my teachers in Tadika Anak Soleh for encouraging me to wear my tudung in primary school, teachers in SK Taman Kota Kulai for helping me balance my education and sports, teachers in Sekolah Tun Fatimah for always reminding me what real life is all about and lecturers in UiTM Seremban 3 for teaching me responsibilities. Not to forget, my very first teachers, Ibu and Ayah for always giving me support in every thing I do. Happy Teacher's Day :)


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