Thursday, June 22, 2017

1093; Bubur Lambuk Utara + Johor + Mixed Feelings


It's already 27th Ramadhan and I haven't had a sip of bubur lambuk. I mean what's Ramadhan without bubur lambuk?!

Asked Ibu, Ayah and Cik Lah to bring home bubur lambuk but no one can so I decided to make it myself. I think it's hormonal thingy coz I kept craving for something to eat but usually the food is either at a restaurant in Shah Alam (I blame you instastories) or nowhere in Kulai.

So I googled 'bubur lambuk utara' coz I swoon over every soup made in utara- mi sup utara, laksa utara. Plus, the recipe is quite simple so palageyyy haha. Gathered all em ingredients and started mixing everything in a pot but just after I finished all the recipe steps, the smell of the bubur lambuk is nothing like I want. Just not like how the johoreans would prepare bubur lambuk :')

I finished cooking the bubur lambuk already BUT I need it to have the smell that I want! Aishhh mixed feelings betul. Should I make a new one or what? When there's a will, there's gotta be a way. I googled 'bubur lambuk johor' and realized that johor's have more rempah inside the bubur. So I took another small pot and started mixing buah pelaga, kayu manis, cengkih with some rempah kurma and then just tuang all of em into the bubur lambuk that I made earlier. Kacau kacau kacau and then, AYYYY THIS IS THE SMELL! Although not that same la coz supposed dalam bubur lambuk johor ada rempah beriani, kacang kuda bagai but worth the experiment. Kalau asyik takut makanan tak sedap je, sampai bila tak belajar en haha.

Okay now another story of a noobie. Selalu kan orang cakap kalau mak mak nak rasa makanan masa puasa, they taste it with hujung lidah kan? So yesterday I tried that but not at hujung lidah, KAT TENGAH LIDAH terus chuolsssss. Pastu cuak bau rempah kuat gila dlm mulut and then bila try basuh lidah the aroma would not disappear from my nose. Tak tahulah tu rezeki ke apa lol. Hahaha padan muka but sokay guys, saya tak telan pun (i hope so) :p


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