Sunday, April 24, 2016

1010; Puyuh Kicap & Salad Kubis


Yesterday's menu was puyuh masak kicap. Thought it's gonna be a bit salty but of course eating it with rice balances the taste. Kudos *pats self* :p

Took like almost 2 hours just for a dish (noob) and by the time I was about to goreng sayur, it's already 7pm. RIP efficiency. Instead of frying the veges, Cik Lah taught me to make salad instead. Just the plan B that I need, fast & easy. Thank you Cik Lah!

(Vege, salt, sugar, vinegar, chillies, onion. 
Writing it down just in case my next cooking takes another 24 hours. *rolls eye*)


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