Sunday, August 14, 2016

1050; In Denial


"Akak terkejut tak kalau adik cakap yang adik dah ada girlfriend?"

I think I just heard my heart fell.

It wasn't the first time I heard him having a girlfriend. In fact, maybe countless. But today feels a little bit different. Maybe it was his intonations that made me feel so, and the fact he was talking one-to-one with me.

We siblings rarely meet each other and everytime we do and have talks with each other, the topic becomes more serious everytime.

Now I'm living in denial. No, no way my babies are growing up so fast. Why are they talking to me about love now? Go and talk to someone else but not me. This is heartbreaking. Give me some time to adjust myself to this thing.

Plus, you're not gonna get married until I do, so please.. back off. /blows nail/


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