Saturday, January 7, 2017

1065; #ripfitness


I asked abang to be my fitness coach because I wasn't feeling fit enough, so yesterday, we went for a jog at a park. He wanted to make me run 5 rounds straight and, MEMANG TAK LA. One, because I was already almost out of energy after the first round and two, my socks and shoes made my ankle melecet it hurts so bad (Ayah, I need a new pair of running shoes thank you) so after 4 rounds of jogging, walking and few stops to adjusting my loose socks, I gave up. 

That was not the end. 

I was not satisfied of yesterday's so this morning I did a 25-minute cycling, few squats and jumping jacks only to leave my whole body SORE. I have been walking around the house with my legs UNBENDED. Have you ever seen a 9-month-pregnant woman walk? That was literally me right now. I wiki-ed treatment for DOMS only to find out that the muscle strain will naturally soothe itself after like 24 to 72 hours. 

It was a bad decision after all. I should not have skipped my fitness routine (not really a routine) for a month, not controlling my diet and just eating whatever I feel like eating. 

I am so not a sports person. Why do I even sign up for such things. 

07012017 (Eyy nice date!)

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