Sunday, April 23, 2017

1079; Personal Financial Planning


Never have I ever thought managing your own finance would be this hard. I mean, it haven't got to that 'really hard' phase where you have to pay for someone else's expenses but for my kind of stress level, IT IS HARD. Well I hope at least you get what I was trying to say by the end of this sentence.

I targeted a lil bit too high on my savings each month because I'm not really sure how ugly my future would look like so Ive been working two part time jobs for months already now- a teacher & a graphic designer. Okay guys the 'graphic designer' thingy sounds way too cool for me but really, I just make typography portraits like those you can see on the right sidebar of this blog.

I teach at 5-7 different places, hold at least 9 classes per week and last month I got up to 10 orders for my typography portraits and if you total up all the numbers I've written only in this paragraph you would probably hear loud KACHINGGG but really guys, truth hurts. I'll use up half of the money I gain only on buying household necessities thus making my pocket money thin oredi by the time it's mid month.

Ive already gotten into that phase where wastage is not anymore a small issue. I get annoyed when people don't finish the rice that I cooked or when the last person to leave the table forgot to put the remaining dinner dish inside the fridge and it turns stale the next day. I do my work in dark and sweat coz I think it'd be better to save the electricity by skipping the lights and fans. I don't turn my head twice on clothes that I like so I won't bring anything new to my closet. Basically anything that lessen the probability of money going outta pocket, I'll commit to that.

I was a JPA scholar during my diploma years so every semester I was given a good amount of money to spend on things. In a way, I am grateful for my stingy attitude back in the days coz even after finishing college, I still have savings that are pretty impressive and even up till now, it has been months since I last withdraw any money from the ATM for myself. But again, thinking about the future always get me butterflies in the stomach coz I don't know what they will look like so let's just pray everything's gonna be pretty.


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