Tuesday, June 7, 2016

1043; From Ibu to Kakak


My dearest dotter,  
This year is your last teen year. Time flies so fast macam baru semalam we welcomed you to our arms. 
You were conceived 5 months after me and Ayah got married. We wanted to have kids later actually- thought of extending our honeymoon and not prepared to have kids yet. 
But fate had its own special way. 
Carrying you for 9 months in my womb was not easy at first. The first trimester was very challenging. 
The morning sickness was bad. I could not eat. I would stare at the food until the ants eventually came and shared my food. Then I would cry because I wanted to eat but I couldn't. 
Later, the pregnancy was a breeze. Even though my weight balloned and I became a walking giant, I was a happy mom-to-be. 
When the D-day came, you were already a week overdue. Ayah took me to a private rumah bersalin (special sikit) but you refused to come out. I was induced twice (it was so painful I developed high fever after that) but you still did not come out. 
Then my water bag broke. The doctor said she couldn't hold me there so she decided to ask Ayah to take me to Hospital Kota Bharu. 
I was whisked into the ambulance and within minutes I was already in front of the labour room. 
Here, I got scolded by the doctors and nurses. Nak beranak pun masih pakai T-shirt lagi (mana nak tau nak beranak tak boleh pakai T-shirt kan)... Tu lah, pergi lagi tempat swasta. Last2 kat hospital juga... macam2. Rasa macam nak sepak je semua. Hello, I nak beranak okay... Lepas tu sign forms and everything, I was pushed into the OT. 
On the OT table, I could hear everything the doctors and nurses were discussing. To cut the long story short... tadaaaa!! You were born! 
I developed high fever again immediately after the operation. It was 40 degree Celcius. 
I guess I lost my mind for a while. I could not remember what happened, where I was, and I asked nenek when did I change my baju. 
Nenek nangis je and suruh ibu mengucap. So ibu cakap dengan nenek if anything happened, please take care of you (cakap Kelantan lah bukan cakap omputeh). 
We have decided on your name for quite sometime. Noorfaqihah is a beautiful name and Qihah would be the name we wanted call you. 
Now, you are already 19 years old. Soon, the teenage years will leave you.  
You must know that life is not always a bed of roses. Along the way, there are trials, tribulations and sacrifices to be made. 
Along the way, you will find love. But always remember, love is something sacred that it should not be given to any ordinary man. Someday, you will find the right one insyaAllah.  
But above all of these, don't forget Allah, read the Quran and make Quran your companion. Always remember to turn to Him when you have problems  and also when you don't have any.  
Ibu and Ayah will not be with you forever. But rest assured that whatever choices you make, whichever path you take and whatever your decision is- we will always support you. 
Thank you for being a kind, wonderful and the best daughter anyone could ever asked for.  
Thank you for being someone who always sees and feels that Allah is watching. 
Last but not least, ibu & ayah doakan kejayaan & kesejahteraan hidup kakak sepanjang hayat. 
Jadilah anak yang solehah dan sentiasa doakan ibu & ayah. Semoga Allah akan temukan kita semua di Jannah insyaAllah. 

Freaked out few days ago because I thought I lost this book- the birthday present Ibu gave me last year. I reckon posting it here would be safe (just in case the book went missing again *cries*)


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