Tuesday, December 13, 2016

1063; Post Diploma


It's been so long since I write. Quite've been too overwhelmed in the so called long holiday I have after diploma. I was waiting for this 'boost' to kick in and start writing again so wallaaa.. here I am!

1. These days I don't feel bored staying in the house for days coz I got my baby brothers to kacau2 and manja2 and all. I always know they were annoyed of me but hey, that's what sisters do! The fact that we can meet up only few times in a year, it made our bonds grow stronger. But nowadays they tend to ignore me when I ask them to do things. It's kind of an everyday battle but this big sister aint gonna lose that battle kah kah! My secret weapon... a secret of course.

2. I have to cook almost everyday for my family. I improved guyssss, finalleyhhh. I dont need recipe books anymore and here comes the 'campak campak' skill! Plus, no more 2 hours for a dish hahaha. I can catch up with most types of dishes but ones that requires me to use cili kering... I'm out.

There's a day when I attempted to make asam pedas salmon for dinner, it didn't turn out well. There was something wrong with the taste. I tried adding salt, but then my asam pedas tasted completely salty. When I tried adding sugar, it immediately tasted sweet. Only sweet. You just cant call it 'asam pedas'. I had already gave up on it when suddenly I remembered that I forgot to add ASAM JAWA in it. Goshhhhhhh it wasnt the saltiness or sweetness that's lacking. I just forgot to put the 'ASAM' IN MY 'ASAM PEDAS'. See Faqihah, who says you dont need that recipe book? /cries/

3. I entered the dUCk competition on Instagram! Not a dUCk fan (can't even afford em) but the prizes.. I just had to. As I posted my edits into my Instagram, I wasn't only submitting pictures- I was submitting my resume. Well, you never know where luck lands hehe.

I learnt a lot during the process and was even immersed into it even after few days the contest ended. Haha. I didn't win but at a different perspective, I learnt a lot about Photoshop and Picsart from YouTube and people who had been supporting me all along. Thank you you-know-who-you-are!

4. I am slowly getting used to driving for long hours. Ibu and ayah went to umrah last week so I had to bring back home my baby brother (okay not so baby, he's 16). Johor-Melaka drive is so tiringgg. The fact that I took 2 hours (at 120km/h) only to get to sempadan Johor (from Kulai) is already.. duhh. Nevermind. Thank God abang already finished his school so I dont need to drive to Putrajaya to meet up with him.

5. I try not to wear anything on my face everytime I go outside, eg; malls. When my skin is doing very good (or bad), I just have to challenge my self confidence, especially when my friends weren't around to judge me haha. I skip all my facial routine (toner, moisturizer, powder, lipstick etc) and just walk out of the house like a (pale) diva. My number one inspiration, men! How can men look so normal even without makeups on?! Urgh.

Breakouts are nothing these days. I dont really care having a big pimple at the centre of my face area and just let it treat itself naturally.

No lah, I'm just lazy hahaha.

That's all for now to sum up my post diploma. Assalamualaikum!


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