Friday, January 20, 2017

1067; The Makeup Struggle


My cousin got married the other day (alhamdulillah). It's an important wedding and most of my family will be there too so I really wanted to look good, i.e wear makeups. It wasn't my 'cuti' day so I doubt that the makeups will last long coz I have to perform my solat.

After lots of thoughts and considerations, I tell myself, let's have a try. I mean, it couldn't be impossible. Hijabistas out there look like they wear makeups all day long. I surely can do this.

So I tried. I put on some powder, blusher and lipstick (the kind of makeups hijabistas wear to pasar) before I went out of the house. Good enough for me. After few hours on the road, I had my Asar at an RnR and only reapplied powder and lipstick, leaving behind the blusher.

As soon as I arrived at Selangor, it was probably already 3 hours since I reapplied my makeup. I only wear cheap lipstick (one that you buy at Watsons, not Sephora) so the colour had already faded by the time I reached cousin's house. Exhausted from the long ride, I decided to go to the majlis with pale lips, hence the pale face.

Mission failed.

I just had to reapply THREE products everytime but failed and how even people do it with foundations, eyeliners, eyeshadows etc (other things that I don't know)?!. Just how do people keep up with maintaining their makeups. Do they really take off their makeups before solat and then patiently reapply them again? Do they do it quick? Do they not care people waiting for them? Gahh I really don't know. Tell me!

I usually go to class with at least some powder and lipstick on my face. Without those, my face is obviously tanned and scarred, so I really need em. Recently my college friends, two of em guys, stayed at my house for four days (coz we have a competition in JB). Danger alert. How am I supposed to wear powder and lipstick for like 24/7 to cover up my flaws? Sounds partly ridiculous to my ears. So I decided, let it be. If before this I told you that I only go bare face when no friends are around, now my self confidence has reached another level. To a level that I could wear crumpled, unironed tudung when going out with them without any sense of guilt hahahahahahahahahimscrewed.

This is a part of a journey to becoming less- selekeh so I just had to write this down. I know beauty don't last but I believe every woman want to be called pretty. Honestly I want to be called so too. I don't get such compliments on Instagram whenever I post my pictures, unlike my friends and my friends' girlfriends (frankly it increases my insecurities), so I could just assume that I fall in the so- so category. But I'm loving the so- so category. People don't look at you twice, which means you're not beautiful but neither is ugly and that's a good thing for me because I don't favour limelights. Plus, I get the chance to learn that I am special in a way; kuyu eyes, penyek nose, oversized cheekbones, but still cute kah kah!

I should really stop scrolling 'explore' on Instagram. Peer pressure game too strong.



Qistina Syasya said...

i don't think getting compliments on ig are healthy, and complimenting ppl on ig are not healthy too. It creates riak and theres a chance ppl compliment others so they get complimented don't worry qihah, no compliments do not mean you're not pretty :-)

Noorfaqihah said...

Qisyaa you always have that heartwarming comments tht soothes me. Thank you :)